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27 Mabel Street, Atherton

Deliveries & Refills


Need Gas? Call 4091 2010

We've been delivering household gas bottles from 13.5kg (30lb) to 45kg (100lb) to most of the Atherton Tableland region since 1974.  So our experience ensures your safety.

When we deliver we take the empty away, install the full bottle and check for leaks on the connection and around the regulator.  Our trained gas delivery driver delivers gas to Atherton, Mareeba, Malanda, Yungaburra, Tolga, Kairi, Tinaroo, Herberton, Walkamin and plenty of other parts of the Tablelands through the week so give us a call so we can meet your gas needs. 

BBQ bottle or smaller?

We refill smaller bottle and forklift bottles at the shop - and note we will only charge for what we put in, so if your 9kg bottle only needs a top up of 4kgs, we will only charge for 4!  Plus we fill by the decant method which means you get a whole 9kgs, not just 8.5 like the swap and go system.

Bottle out of date? We are a Licenced Test Station

All gas cylinders have a life of 10 years from the test date stamp shown on each bottle.  Don’t waste your bottle, especially if it is a silver Zinc or Galvanised bottle, get it retested.  We are a licenced cylinder retest station (Lic. # 435) so we can retest your bottle giving it another 10 years of life.