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Weber Genesis Series

Weber Genesis II


The Weber Genesis was consistently rated as the best BBQ in Australia by Choice magazine and now Weber have taken it to a whole new level.

The new burners are tapered to deliver a constant pressure of gas along the entire burner, creating perfectly even heat.  The ignition system has been advanced with sensitive components moved away from the heat and upgrading the materials, the Ignition is guaranteed to last forever - literally!

The angled steel bars that sit above the burners are an original innovation in the Genesis series BBQ and these allow fat and juices to fall safely past the burners without the risk of flareup.  Anything that does hit the bars sizzles and smoulders to create smoke, imparting a wonderful barbecue flavour to your food.

Backed by Webers legendary service the Genesis comes with a 10 Year warranty!

Come and see the full range of Genesis 2 barbecues as the features are much more than shown here.  The range starts at $1299.