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Primus Solar Mats

Primus Solar Mat


120W and 200W Solar Mats - Folds up smaller than a briefcase!!

The very latest in solar technology these solar mats are 30% more efficient, 75% lighter and 75% smaller than regular solar panels.  Utilising Maxeon cell technology with a solid copper backing and thicker connectors between cells, these mats have better performance in all light conditions including overcast and low-light.  The inline charge controller is also a big jump in technology, with an ability to select the type of battery being charged, it then assesses the condition of the battery and then automatically adjust the charge modulation between 5 different stages.  Also the controller is near the battery and not on the back of the cells, so it gives a much more accurate reading of what is going into the battery and what stage the battery is at.

A fantastic bit of kit which we have put a low price on to try get a few more out there.