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Why do I start off a booklet on food ideas for trekking by talking about ourselves?   Because I want to emphasise that we have truly ‘been there, done that’.  Only one of our trekking group of five is under 50 and my twin (Shirley) and I are the oldest at 64.   So the saying that one “learns by experience” truly applies to us – we’ve had plenty of time and loads of experience!

Our group consists of my 3 sisters (Susan, Robyn and Shirley), Lou (the spring chicken and our ‘trekking sister’) and me.    Family and work commitments have never actually allowed us to trek together as a full group, but in various combinations we have ‘done’ the following:  the Larapinta Trail, the Hume and Hovell, the Overland Track, the Cape to Cape in W.A., the Great North Walk, the Great South West Walk, the Coast to Coast in England, the Sunshine Hinterlands, the Himalayas in Nepal, the full El Camino and the Machu Picchu trail.   Shirl and Lou – the gurus of our group – have ‘done’ so many more and their full accomplishments are too numerous to mention.

With the exception of Robyn’s trip to South America and our numerous treks in Nepal, all of our trekking has been done without a guide or the assistance of a commercial trekking company.   We are truly DIY trekkers.

We never stop learning and ontrek.jpgeach trek we incorporate tips from others.   There is so much more information ‘out there’.  If you have even the smallest of tips which has worked for you, please contact me on

Walk in peace, health, joy and safety.

Bonny (Wadley)

3rd Revision 2012