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Tarpon 100

Tarpon 100


The Tarpon 100 from Wilderness Systems is a brilliant kayak that paddles very well and has extremely comfortable seat with adjustments on the back rest but also on the angle and height of the seat base. A very well designed hull this kayak will perform in any number of conditions with a fine entry bow to slice through the chop, to inverted streaks down the bottom helps with directional stability.

It is fitted out brilliantly and with room to add more.  Two hinged hatches make it easy to access storage in the hull, storage pocket, cupholder and tank well in the stern add the  storage solutions.  The slide track accessory system in front and behind the paddler allow you to set your kayak up just to your liking.

This is a high quality, very comfortable kayak, that combined with excellent features makes an the Tarpon 100 an excellent buy.