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Colorado 2P

Colorado 2P


It’s double hull construction makes it very rugged and rigid.

The canoe combines the stability, maneuverability and sea worthiness of a kayak with comfort, looks and styling of the traditional North American canoe.

Ideally suited for lakes, ocean, fishing and diving and great for beginners. Includes 2 bucket seats, removable stern storage compartment, 2 directional strakes, carrying handles, multiple d-rings and ties, and a nylon carrying bag.


  • Max Capacity 226kgs
  • Wt 15kgs
  • Raised bow and stern
  • 18 Gauge PVC/420 Nylon cover
  • Paddle/Oar holders
  • Directional strakes
  • Durable reinforced fabric on the bottom
  • Two elevated bucket seats with storage in the back
  • Carry bag
  • Double lock/Mini lock vavles


$599.00 Now $549.00